2 Interconnecting Rooms. Come in GROUP.

Superior Family Room

Superior Family Room

2 Interconnecting Rooms

The Superior Family Room consists of 2 interconnecting rooms, which are furnished with 1 Queen size bed in each room. One of the room is also furnished with TV, refrigerator and kettle.

Room Amenities

  • 2 rooms, each with Queen size beds
  • 1 room with TV with Satellite Broadcast
  • 1 room with Refrigerator
  • 1 room with Kettle
  • Dinner OR Breakfast included
  • Wifi available at public area (reception area & cafes)


Note: Prices included Dinner OR Breakfast .

Non-Peak RM 252.30 / per night
Peak RM 294.70 / per night
Super Peak RM 315.90 / per night